3 Steps To Reclaim Your Identity After Having Kids

You are a mom, and an amazing one at that…but, do you ever feel unfulfilled? Maybe you feel like you have lost the woman that you were before you had kids.

You are not alone! I felt those feelings too after I had my son! And I have something to share!

On a live training, I shared the 3 Steps I Took to Reclaim my Identity After I Had My Son so that you can find yourself again, just like I did, and reclaim your passion!

Are you ready to find yourself?   These 3 Steps will help!



Self Care, Baby!!!

You know the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy?”  Well, it’s TRUE!  In order to be a great mom and wife (or partner), you need to be happy and take care of yourself too! And that’s hard for a lot of us, right?  We do so much for everyone else, that we seem to always come last, if at all.  Remember, self care is not selfish.  It is necessary.

And, bonus, it does not have to cost money!  It can be as simple as a bubble bath, a 10 minute walk, or listening to the music YOU want to listen to!

Start small and work your way up.  You’ll notice your mood improve and the mood of your family improve too!  Never forget that your kids and spouse WANT you to be happy.  They really do!


Let Go of Perfection!

Easier said than done, right?  But hear me out.  There are things you can let go.  Say it with me.  “There are things I can let go.”  Our expectations of ourselves are so hight these days.  It looks like so many people have all together.  They don’t!  They are struggling with perfection just like we are.

So it’s ok to leave the laundry one more day.  It’s ok to let your husband load the dishwasher wrong., and not re do it.  It’s ok to let your kid turn in his homework with tomato sauce spilled on it.  It’s ok to let go of perfection!


Find Something Just For You

Not your significant other’s hobby.  Not your kids hobby.  Not your best friends hobby.  Something for YOU.  It could be a dance class, volunteering, cooking lessons, gardening…. anything!.  Expanding your horizons and filling your cup will not only make you a more well rounded person, but it will show your kids that you value yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Remember, you were a whole, beautiful, important, vibrant person BEFORE you had kids.  Yes, kids make us better.  Yes, they give us incredible things.  But we still need to honor and reclaim the woman we were before they arrived!

Practice these 3 step.  The more you practice them, the better you will become at them and the more natural they will feel!  Don’t give up right away if it feels foreign.  It takes time to make a habit.  Give yourself time and grace and reclaim your identity!

And if you want to rewatch the video – it is right here –  3 Steps To Reclaim Your Identity After Having Kids!


See you next week!

Leslie Williams

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