Why “Hey Girl” Messages Are Killing Your Business

We have all gotten this message before, right?
“Hey GIRL! Wanted to know if you wanted to try my new….” Insert the product in the blank.
And the truth is, it makes us mad. And turns us off. And gives us the heebie jeebies.
So what CAN we do????  I have 4 amazing pillars I use to bring my direct sales business into a place of truth!
1.  Authenticity
This is the critical component of being YOU.  You are what will bring your ideal client/customer/business partner to you.  Forget the cookie cutter messages  Forget the boring corporate graphics.  Forget trying to emulate top leaders.  Your network wants to know who you are.  And guess what?  They don’t care about your products.  They care about YOU.
2.  Integrity
Be true to your gut instinct.  Following antiquated business practices will not get you to where you want to go.  They will get you blocked and unfriended.  Did you know that this is YOUR business, and that you can run it the way you want to?  Find a great mentor or coach that aligns with your integrity.
3.  Vulnerability
It’s ok to not be perfect.  It’s ok to share struggle.  “Fake it till You Make It” does not help anyone, especially you!  It just ends up making you feel less than.  If vulnerability is hard for you, take baby steps!!!  Rome wasn’t built in a day!
4.  Stability
Let them know you are not going anywhere.  That this is a career, not a hobby.  Show up.  And be sure that when you do, you are using the pillars described here.
AND – send this to a Direct Sales friend that you love, or share it with your team! Let’s tackle this together and come up with a better way to build rocking businesses.
See you next week!
Leslie Williams

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