Who is your Ideal Customer? HINT: It’s NOT Everyone!!!

We’ve all been told this before. No matter what your business, you have hear this, or something like this before:

“Anyone and Everyone is your customer! Just go and tell every person you know about your products and your business!!!”

When I first hear that, I froze. And I panicked. EVERYONE was my customer? And I needed to tell everyone I knew?

My neighbor, the check out girl at the grocery store, my optometrist, my dance teacher, my high school sweetheart? Nope, Nope, Nope Nope.  My heart was pounding

The pit in my stomach grew bigger and bigger. Most of those people I talked to once in a blue moon. And my high school sweetheart??? Um, I doubt he’d like to hear from me after all these years.

How was I supposed to do this? Did I really WANT to do this that badly? What would I say, and how would I bring it up?

But I tried. Because I was told this is how it worked.

Here is how most of those conversations went, by the way…

“Uh, hey Sue! Do you keep your options open for additional income streams?”

“What? Additional what?”

“Uh, well, you see, there is a company……”

Insert the blank stare here.

And believe it or not, NONE of those people joined my team and none of them purchased products from me. 😂😂

In the makeup biz, we are told, “Anyone with a FACE is your customer.”
In the health and wellness biz, we are told, “Anyone who is a HUMAN is your customer.”
In the clothing biz we are told, “Anyone with a BODY is your customer!”

You get the picture.

But that logic is flawed!!! What it leaves out is the human connection.

And that human connection is EVERYTHING to your business.

If you missed this video Who is your Ideal Customer? HINT: It’s NOT Everyone!, take a look.  I go over exactly HOW to identify your ideal customer.  Without hitting up your ex boyfriend.  Cause, ew, right?


So let’s talk about the 3 main areas to make sure you hit:


  1.  The “Who What Where” – Who are they?  What do they do for a living?  Where do they live?  What are their hobbies? What social media platforms are they on?  How old are they?  What financial bracket are they in?  Are the married?  Do they have kids?  Those basic kinds of questions are so important!
  2. The “Pain Point” – What pain does your product or service solve for them?  How does it help them?  What does it make them feel like after using it?  How does it enhance their life?
  3. The “Amazing Solution” – This is the tricky spot between knowing who your ideal customer is, what problem you can solve, and offering the solution!  This takes TIME and many touches!!!  Going into this step without building a relationship will result in feeling icky and turning your ideal customer off!!!

See you next week!



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