Why “Fake It Till You Make It” is Bad For Business!

Fake it till you make it.

Oh boy – here we go. Really??? Faking success until you are successful? Who came up with this concept?

I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now. Faking it does your business no good. At all. Your customers and friends see right through it and even worse, it makes you feel like a fraud!

We’ve all seen the posts before, right? A friend thanking her company for such and such and you know that she’s “faking” that a little. It’s disingenuous and you lose trust in her.

And trust is everything is direct sales.

We have so much against us already – you need to keep hold of all the trust you have worked hard for and built up!!!

Being YOU is what will draw your customers to you. Being REAL is what will draw your potential business partners to you. People are not looking for perfection. They are looking for people they can trust. Someone they can identify with.

They are looking for YOU. Right where you are. Right now.

So let’s do better together!  Check out this video Why “Fake It Till You Make It” Is Bad For Business and learn how to still be an authority in your space without the icky fake stuff.


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