What Is Your Money Mindset???

When you think of money – what comes to mind for you?

For a lot of us, myself included, it has both good and bad connotations.

The bad for me used to far outweigh the good, and I believe that the mindset I had about money kept me for many years from earning what I was worth.

I’d spend a lot of time lamenting over what money I did not have, how hard it was to make money, how hard it was to keep it, how expensive everything was, and worse, I was green with envy when someone I knew had money to do the things I wanted to do or buy the nice things that I wanted buy.

I was highly judgmental of women I knew who had what I didn’t have. And even women I DIDN’T know!!!!

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you?

“She’s rich, so she must be a snob.” (Or worse word…)
“Who did she sleep with to get that?”
“Ha, must be nice to be her.”
“I bet she has a sugar daddy.”

Maybe reading this is making you feel a bit uncomfortable now. Maybe you are nodding your head because these thoughts have crossed your mind before.

If so, then you may need a money mindset adjustment! I know I did!!!

The truth is, money is not bad or good! It is an inanimate object. And we all need it. All of us. We need it to live and thrive and give to others.

On this LIVE What Is Your Money Mindset?  I shared some of my past money stories that I used to tell myself, and I shared some lessons on how we can identify where those stories came from, so we can banish them for good, and know deep inside, finally, that we are worthy of great financial success.


Want to know how to adjust your money mindset?  Grab a paper and a pen and go through these questions!

  1.  What is YOUR Money Motivation?  In other words, what do you want to do with money?  List it all out!!!
  2. What are your core feelings about money?  You may need to dig deep on this one.  Really figure out how you feel about money.  Positive or negative!
  3. Where did these feelings come from?  Identify the voices that you hear or think about during this exercise.  Those voices will be where most of your feelings about money originate.
  4. What do you want to believe about money now?  How do you want to feel about it?
  5. What would having all the money you wanted allow you to do?  Go deep, the surface reason may be about you, but the deeper ones are the ones that will allow you to really change your money mindset.
  6. Who or What is stopping you from changing your negative money views.

Remember, you are in charge of your views about money!  And you can change those views to allow for more money to make it’s way into your life!

See you next week!


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