Top 3 Group and Messenger Mistakes You May Be Making!

Things have changed a lot for direct sellers. With social media becoming the best place to run a successful business, the old school approaches don’t work anymore.

When was the last time you called someone on the phone?? 😂😂Even your mom! Just kidding, but I’m sure she’d love to hear from you….

I bet most of us would not have lasted long in this industry if we had to actually pick the phone up to talk to people! I know I would not have!

BUT, the thing is, even with the ability to reach people on social media, we still need to cultivate that personal and respectful connection. Our computers and posts equate to that phone conversation now.

You’d never call someone to tell them about your business without having a relationship with them, right? Well, the same is true now! Randomly adding people to a group without permission or cold messaging them about your opportunity is todays equivalent of that random sales call you get on your phone that immediately causes you to hang up on them.

With the ease of technology and the safety of being behind the keyboard, we have all but discarded the idea of respectful networking and posting and commenting.

In this LIVE training Top 3 Groups and Messenger Mistakes You May Be Making, Leslie talks about 3 Things To Stop Doing Today in your Groups and in Messenger!


1. Stop adding everyone you know to a group.

You are WAY better off with 5 people who want to be in your group than 300 who have no idea they are even in there!

Don’t Ask Guests To Randomly Add People To Your Group To WIN Something

I see this happen all the time and it’s a mess! People want to build up their groups super fast so they ask the members to add 5 people to be entered to win something. What happens is that those customers end up making their friends mad, then the member feels like the rep is just out to make money off them and the whole things goes bad.

The FIX?

ASK Them If They Want To Be Added

Most will say yes. It’s human nature. At the very least, they will check it out. But they won’t be mad at you for randomly adding them. I always say yes if someone asks me. If they don’t, I never shop from them. Even if I love the product.

2. Stop cold messaging people. Period.
I don’t care if it’s a friend from HS, it’s still a cold message if you have not talked to them in the past month. Period.

It’s still a cold message if they liked your post on FB and you don’t know them.

It’s still a cold message if you saw they just had a baby and you have the perfect solution for them to lose the baby weight.

Being excited about your opportunity and knowing you have a product or service that they could benefit from does not equal a relationship. You have to build the relationship first.

The FIX?

Work On Building a Real Relationship

A real relationship is one where you do not benefit from them. Really. People buy from and join those they know, like and trust. Be those things and be authentic in your desire to connect.

3. Stop adding guests to group message chats.

Nothing will make your party guests madder than being added to a group message chat with 75 other people. Really. Nothing will make them madder.

Have you ever been in one? And stayed long enough to watch each and every person remove themselves from the chat? Ouch. It’s painful!!

So and so left chat

So and so left chat

So and so left chat

So and so left chat

It may seem like this is the easy way to reach everyone, but taking the easy way out damages your business and your party.

The FIX?

Message Guests Individually

It may take a longer time to get this done, but you will be better served by having individual conversations with your guests. You will build better relationships with them. You will be able to invite them to your other groups. You will be able to trouble shoot and make recommendations privately. You will be able to friend request them

Using social media and groups and messenger in a responsible, respectful way will earn you more trust and get you more sales!

See you next week!


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