The Bell Curve of Success

If you are in direct sales, you have seen these ads:

“Fully automated systems!”
“200 leads a day from my funnel”
“Make money in your sleep or from your million dollar beach house!”

Enticing, right? I admit, I have clicked on loads of these ads. More than I’d like to admit, actually.

The idea that I can use technology, run some ads, go to sleep and wake up to 20 new teammates a day is really cool.

But, here’s the thing. It’s not that simple. And it’s never that easy. If it was, we’d all be sipping umbrella drinks on the beach right now.

The truth is, there are two very distinct and different ends of the spectrum when it comes to direct sales. I want you to think of it like a bell curve, you know, like from your high school math class!!!! I call it The Bell Curve of Success!

The far left where all the cold messages and spam lives, and the far right where the fully automated systems live. And both those spaces are super small with low returns and high investment (both monetarily and emotionally)

The space we should be concerned with is the big awesome space right in the middle. The space where relationships live! This is your highest return space for the lowest investment!

The problem is, we ignore that space too often because we want QUICK and EASY. We choose to message people we don’t know because it’s easier than being vulnerable to those we care about! We want to fully automate our lives so we never have to have actual conversations with other people in case it gets uncomfortable.

But the magic??? The magic is in the relationship.

And that relationship lies inside that big beautiful bell!

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