Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

$99 no other fees EVER! Includes kit full of products.

How much money can I make?

The sky is the limit!! You can replace an income or simply buy your own products and collect your commissions within 3 hours. It is up to you!

Is there auto ship?


Is there a website fee?


Do I need to keep products on hand and ship them?

NO! Our company does all shipping for us

Do I need to do home parties?

NO, we are an online party platform and home parties are not necessary. You can do them if you wish though.

Do I need to attend meetings?

Nope! All training is done online in our  team training group page on Facebook. We have occasional voluntary in-person events as well.

Do I need to be good at makeup?

Definitely not! You will learn some techniques as you go but it is not needed! Some of the highest earners in the company wear little makeup.

Is there a monthly minimum?

$125 sold/bought every 3 months to remain active presenter with an additional 3 month grace period to reactivate. So generous!!


Car Bonuses, Cash Bonuses, Incentive Trips, $25 product credit on your birthday, the ability to double dip and collect party rewards ON TOP of your commissions!

Paid every 3 hours after a sale.

$99 no other fees EVER!

Includes kit full of products.

How do I join?

Easy!  Click HERE – Join HERE

Questions?  Use this form!